Case Study Submission

Tell us about your experience using a TheraLight Full Body Wellness System at your facility

Please describe the reason you began using the TheraLight 360. What symptoms did you experience? When did the symptom(s) start? How long have you had symptom(s) Does the condition reduce range of motion? Does the condition cause you pain? Please describe: Have you had any tests such as Xray or MRI to evaluate the condition? If yes - When? Does the condition affect your daily activities? For example, do you have to modify or eliminated activities?
How many total times have you used the TheraLight 360? Are your symptoms reduced or eliminated? How many times did you use the TheraLight 360 before you began to see benefits?
What benefits did you experience? Please be as detailed as possible, including Range of Motion, Pain Scale and any change in how the condition affected your daily life.
Anything else you would like to note?
Name, Profession, Bio if desired