Red Light Therapy for Improving Your Mental Health

how red light therapy improves mental health

2020 has been a tough year in nearly every aspect, but especially in terms of mental health. Between COVID-19 and the stresses of everyday life, life is much more mentally difficult now than at almost any time in recent history. Fortunately, advances in medical technology, such as red light therapy, can help improve mental health.

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4 Ways Red Light Therapy Helps You Feel Better

how red light therapy helps you feel better

From seasonal depression to physical health to skin conditions, many people are reporting the benefits of red light therapy to help to treat numerous ailments. Red light therapy, also referred to as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), can help make you feel better in a number of ways.

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7 Ways to Beat the Pain From Digital Device Overuse

beat pain from digital device overuse

Computers, tablets, and smartphones have added a whole new dimension to our lives—we have instant access to a whole world of information and the ability to communicate with others no matter where they are. In this era of COVID-19, digital devices have allowed us to learn and work remotely, reducing our risk of viral transmission. But digital technology also comes at a cost: increased risk of pain, depression, insomnia, among other disorders.

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How to Improve Your Posture & Fight Back Pain

tips for posture and back pain

The American Chiropractic Association estimates 31 million people suffer from chronic back pain, and it’s also the leading cause of disability in America. There are some easy things you can do to treat your existing back pain or prevent it altogether, like improving your posture.

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The Complete Guide to Photobiomodulation for Your Whole Body

guide to photobiomodulation therapy

Photobiomodulaiton has a wide variety of applications for the entire body, from treating skin abrasions to resolving inflammation deep in the body. There’s a lot photobiomodulation can do, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common and emerging ways to utilize red and near-infrared light therapies.

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What is Collagen?

what is collagen

Collagen has come into the spotlight in recent years, particularly how it’s available in nutritional supplements. However, collagen is a protein your body makes naturally. So what is collagen, and how do our bodies use it?

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What is Inflammation?

what is inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself from infection and injury. The inflammatory stage of the immune response increases production of white blood cells, immune cells, and cytokines to help fight infection.

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Photobiomodulation for Hair Growth

photobiomodulation for hair growth

There are a variety of options available to treat hair loss or thinning, from supplements to special shampoo and conditioners to hair transplant surgery, One emerging treatment to stimulate hair growth is photobiomodulation, a type of light therapy using red light to boost natural cellular processes in the body.

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