The Phases of Tissue Healing & How Red Light Therapy Helps

phases of tissue healing and red light therapy

When our bodies experience tissue damage through injury, illness, or other environmental factors, a healing process happens at the microscopic level. In this article, learn more about this process, including the different stages of tissue healing and how red light therapy (RLT) can supplement the healing process to speed it up and reduce pain.

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Repair Sun Damage With Red Light Therapy

red light therapy to repair sun damage

We’re all excited to get some sunshine as we head into the summer months. However, sun damage is more than a bit of sunburn here and there. Sun damage not only ages skin more quickly, but it also can cause real harm in the form of skin cancer.

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7 Tips for Improving Your Mental Sharpness

tips for mental sharpness

Do you feel like your head is in a fog? Are you slow, sluggish, and struggling to concentrate? Your brain might need a workout! While your brain is not a muscle, it does get stronger with exercise—both physical and mental activity can help sharpen your mind. The good news is that improving mental sharpness is easy and it requires very few changes to your lifestyle. If your brain feels blah, try these simple tricks to give your brain the boost it needs.

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