10 Tips for Better Sleep

10 tips to sleep better

If you are tired of being tired, you are probably ready to try anything to get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, getting the rest you need is easier than you might think.

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7 Tips for Lowering Inflammation Naturally

lower inflammation naturally

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injuries and infection, but prolonged inflammation can cause more harm than good. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce chronic inflammation at its source, simply and naturally, without the use of drugs.

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7 Tips for Improving Your Mental Sharpness

tips for mental sharpness

Do you feel like your head is in a fog? Are you slow, sluggish, and struggling to concentrate? Your brain might need a workout! While your brain is not a muscle, it does get stronger with exercise—both physical and mental activity can help sharpen your mind. The good news is that improving mental sharpness is easy and it requires very few changes to your lifestyle. If your brain feels blah, try these simple tricks to give your brain the boost it needs.

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10 Reasons to Add Red Light Therapy to Your Practice in 2021

10 reasons to add red light therapy to your practice in 2021

Adding services can help your clinic grow over the years. Deciding which treatments to add can be challenging, though, considering the never-ending advancements in medical technology and the ever-widening choice of treatment options as technology and medicine advance. Because of the number of benefits provided to your patients and your practice, adding red light therapy in 2021 may be the smartest decision you make all year.

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Red Light Therapy for Improving Your Mental Health

how red light therapy improves mental health

2020 has been a tough year in nearly every aspect, but especially in terms of mental health. Between COVID-19 and the stresses of everyday life, life is much more mentally difficult now than at almost any time in recent history. Fortunately, advances in medical technology, such as red light therapy, can help improve mental health.

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