4 Ways Red Light Therapy Helps You Feel Better

how red light therapy helps you feel better

From seasonal depression to physical health to skin conditions, many people are reporting the benefits of red light therapy to help to treat numerous ailments. Red light therapy, also referred to as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), can help make you feel better in a number of ways.

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7 Ways to Beat the Pain From Digital Device Overuse

beat pain from digital device overuse

Computers, tablets, and smartphones have added a whole new dimension to our lives—we have instant access to a whole world of information and the ability to communicate with others no matter where they are. In this era of COVID-19, digital devices have allowed us to learn and work remotely, reducing our risk of viral transmission. But digital technology also comes at a cost: increased risk of pain, depression, insomnia, among other disorders.

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A Brief History of Red Light Therapy

history of red light therapy

Photobiomodulation therapy continues to change the way we approach pain, inflammation, and wellness, but we’ve been studying the effects of light on our bodies for a long time. Let’s take a look at how we’ve been using light for our health over time.

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Photobiomodulation Therapy for Self Care

pbmt for self care

We all have sources of stress in our lives, and it’s important to effectively manage stress and not let it overwhelm us. When we’re overwhelmed, getting work done or just getting through the day can be exhausting. Practicing self care is a necessary and effective way of managing stress and recharging our minds and bodies.

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The Power of Red Light in Photobiomodulation Therapy

near-infrared light therapy

Photobiomodulation therapy uses red and near-infrared light. The color, measured in wavelength, is the key to how photobiomodulation works. Red and near-infrared (NIR) light has an effect on the body to produce more cellular energy, and specific wavelengths offer the highest levels of energy absorption.

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Sleep Better & Improve Mood With Light Therapy

improve sleep and mood with light therapy

Winter months can be rough on our mood and sleep. Lack of sunlight during winter months mixed with artificial indoor lights and blue light from smartphone, computer, and tablet screens all impact our circadian rhythm, which affects our energy, mood, and sleep.

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