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3 Innovative Marketing Tips for Wellness Clinics  

Wellness clinics are unique—they offer a specific approach to health management that differs from other traditional medical practices. Highlighting this approach is important to make their marketing efforts stand out. They need to both differentiate themselves from their competitors and help people understand why their approach matters at the exact same time.

Because of that, most wellness clinics will need to think outside the box in terms of getting that messaging out to the widest audience possible. If you want to stand out in a crowd and connect with potential patients in a more intimate way at the exact same time, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind.


1. Begin With Your Branding

Even before you decide what type of content to create or which channels to utilize, you need to account for the most important factor of all: your brand. This is about so much more than just a website design or a colorful logo—you’re deciding exactly how you want to be perceived by potential clients.

Do you want to be known as a safe haven for people to escape the struggles of their daily lives for a few hours? Or does your clinic have a straightforward approach to your care? Do you fall somewhere in between those two ideas?

This is something that you need to decide now, as it will impact every creative and strategic decision you make in the future.


2. Take Advantage of the App-Based World

To say that health and wellness apps are popular is an understatement. According to a recent study, users are incredibly loyal to apps that fall into this category. In fact, 96% of people say they use only one fitness app—despite the thousands available. The same study indicated that about a quarter of people interact with their health and wellness apps more than 10 times a week, making them a far more engaged audience than average.

One of your first steps towards marketing your wellness clinic should involve creating the type of rich, app-based mobile experience that people are actively looking for. Even if you’re only using it as a channel where clients can book appointments or make payments, it’s still giving you a leg up over your competitors by allowing people to interact with your wellness clinic via a format they prefer.

Of course, you can also go above and beyond by using the app to provide helpful content on topics like wellness, mindfulness, or fitness. Not only is an app a powerful opportunity to build loyalty, but it’s a way to offer better and more personalized experiences to your clients as well.


3. Create Experiences, Not Ads

On the subject of experiences, it’s especially important for a specialized practice like a wellness clinic to turn marketing opportunities into two-way communications channels when possible. People take their health and wellness seriously, so they don’t want to have passive interactions with your business. They want to engage and interact with you. Taking advantage of interactions is another great way to market your clinic and help people understand why your services are so important.

Case in point: live video streaming. According to another recent study, streaming video already accounts for over 60% of all Internet traffic worldwide—and that number is expected to increase to a massive 82% by the end of the year. Especially given the ongoing global pandemic, it may not necessarily be possible for someone to come into your physical place of business right now.

But thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to let clients feel neglected because you can always host live video sessions using services like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and more to help them remain connected. You could host a Q&A with your providers about their services or specialties where people can ask questions in real time, or you could host a live webinar on a specific topic. You could even host an online event like a fitness class, healthy cooking demonstration, or guided meditation to give your clients or prospective clients a taste of what you can offer.

Remember: your clinic is dedicated to someone meaningfully improving their body and mind—that’s not something that should be lost in your marketing! By using your marketing efforts to help your audience make gains towards their health goals, you’ll further your mission in a way that attracts an enormous amount of attention in one fell swoop. That is a very exciting position for any wellness clinic to be in!


If you’d like to find out more information about all of the most innovative marketing tips for wellness clinics that you can start using immediately, or if you’d just like to learn more about our light pods and beds that can help people experience a healthier and more satisfying life, contact TheraLight today.

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