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5 Tips for Growing Your Wellness Clinic with Red Light Therapy

Adding additional therapies and services is one of the steps you can take to grow your wellness clinic. If you’re not already offering it to your clients, consider including red light therapy (RLT) in your offerings. This is a cutting-edge treatment that targets a variety of concerns throughout the body. Adding RLT, which is also known as a form of photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), to your list of services could greatly benefit your clients, as well as your business.

Here are five ways adding red light therapy can help grow your clinic:

Differentiate Your Clinic with Versatile Service that Treats Different Ailments

Having a photobiomodulation device like a red light therapy bed can help your clinic stand apart from other clinics that don’t have it or have fewer offerings under one roof. While some pieces of equipment are limited and only allow you to treat a single condition, a red light therapy bed is a more versatile tool that addresses a variety of health conditions and problems. Compared to other tools, your clinic could get more out of it, and you could use it to treat more client cases.

Here are some of the ailments that RLT can help with:

  • Joint problems and pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Mood concerns
  • Skin conditions and signs of aging
  • Exercise and weight loss
  • Sports performance

You can see that this therapy has many applications. Plus, it can also promote general wellness for your clinic clients, which means you could offer it to everyone.

Leverage Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Pain & Inflammation

You likely have clients and community members who are looking for alternatives to opioids, NSAIDs, and other medications for pain and inflammation, which come with the risk of side effects and fail to treat the underlying problems. Red light therapy is a natural option you can offer clients as a non-pharmacological alternative for alleviating pain and inflammation.

Unlike the risks associated with pain-relieving opioids, which include addiction, RLT comes with minimal side effects. It can also be used to complement over-the-counter pain relievers or necessary medications when that is the best treatment plan for a person, although the person’s doctor should be included in the plan.

Create Consistent Clients with Treatment Plans/Packages

Ongoing treatments are helpful to gain the full benefits of red light therapy. Depending on each individual case, this dose-dependent treatment can be used:

  • Numerous times for a couple of weeks
  • Regularly until the desired outcome is achieved
  • Weekly as a way to maintain results and promote wellness

This means that RLT is beneficial to your wellness clinic, as it allows you to create plans or packages for clients and turn them into consistent clients. When you have a range of offerings, you can recommend clients of other services try this treatment and vice versa.

Offer RLT as a Cash-Based Service

Red light therapy works well as a cash-based service that clients can choose on their terms. With this setup, your clinic is not limited by third-party payers like health insurance. This can make the process of providing services and collecting payment easier than following terms and restrictions set by an outside party.

Blend RLT with Existing Services

Red light therapy is perfect to combine with treatments you already offer at a wellness clinic. As a natural, painless, non-pharmacological treatment with minimal side effects, it easily complements an array of other therapies. In fact, you may improve results for certain cases by combining this treatment with another. Here are three treatments that work particularly well with RLT:

  • Exercise: Red light therapy is beneficial for exercise because it can improve performance, help prevent injury, and promote healing and recovery. When combined with exercise, the blend helps target cellulite and promotes skin firming.
  • Skin Care: Red light therapy targets signs of aging and sun damage to the skin. It can be combined with other skin-care treatments, such as topical products, massages, or exfoliants to address skin problems in numerous ways and improve results.
  • Self-Care: Red light therapy can boost the benefits of various self-care treatments, and vice versa. Clients could use this treatment along with sleep hygiene practices, diet, physical activity, and other self-care in a plan that fits their specific problems and goals.

You may want to combine RLT with other offerings as well, such as massage therapy or chiropractic care.

Add RLT to Your Wellness Clinic

Can you see how RLT could provide a benefit to your wellness clinic and its clients? Adding it to your list of services provides another way to achieve your clients’ goals and offers a way to market your wellness business. This treatment is a great offering because it allows you to address numerous problems with one solution. Consider expanding your treatment options through red light therapy as soon as possible.

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